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I'm not dead! I swear! 

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Pones for 4 years! by Entou
Pones for 4 years!
I wish I had more time to make something with a lot more effort, because this looks really crappy and I'm sorry!

But anyway, today in 2010, My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic's first episode aired on the Hub! It's crazy to think it's already 4 years old now, and that the Hub soon won't even exist anymore!
Still love you Ponies~!
Happy Birthday Naruto! by Entou
Happy Birthday Naruto!
Crazy that this will be the last birthday Naruto has while the Manga is ongoing (And the fact that it's currently his birthday during the Manga story now!) !

I had to draw something, as crappy as I think it looks. It's Naruto in his new "The Last" design because I really like it! Especially this new long red scarf! (I'm secretly hoping Hinata gave it to him! :P )
Mental Health Comic - Page 5 by Entou
Mental Health Comic - Page 5
It's Mental Health Week, and World Mental Health Day! So I decided to contribute by making this short comic very loosely describing things I go through.
Now, I guess you can say that things like anxiety might not necessarily be related to Mental Health, but the way I see it, at least for my case, they are.

What I'm trying to do with this comic is present to you the negative slumps I often get into, which are a direct result of thought patterns in my mind. Usually, they just spring up out of nowhere, and as this comic shows, I'm suddenly "clouded" by nothing but bad thoughts and it carries over into everything I do. I don't really want to elaborate too much on that, but one of the areas it affects rather heavily is my art, which, if you've been following me for a while, you would notice. I go pretty crazy there, suddenly comparing myself to everyone else and determining my creations have no worth and that I should just stop and give up and move on. So if you apply that mentality to other areas of life you can sort of get a little bit of an idea of how these thoughts affect everything else.
But its not all bad, because as you'll see, the comic demonstrates remedies I've been given to try and combat these negative thoughts!

(Keep in mind this is my experience, I'm not saying the methods I was given are going to help absolutely everyone, and I'm not trying to put myself up on a pedestal and say that I have it for worse than other people who have been diagnosed with mental conditions, I'm just explaining what I go through, and what has helped me get over some things.)

(Aw, look at that, he's all better now. 8) )

Page 1:Mental Health Comic - Page 1 by Entou
Page 2:Mental Health Comic - Page 2 by Entou
Page 3:Mental Health Comic - Page 3 by Entou
Page 4:Mental Health Comic - Page 4 by Entou

*I am going to leave this page as the only page in my "Featured" gallery for the time being, and all other pages will be placed into a folder located in my "The Other Stuff" folder, purely so it doesn't clog up my gallery. You have the convenience here of being able to access every other page from any chosen one, so that should help!

My super, duper, exciting deviantART story...

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 9:35 PM
So people have been writing these for deviantART's 14th birthday I presume? Regardless, I thought I'd contribute to it and try my absolute best to rack my brain for memories of my time here at deviantART. 
Despite the fact that I've deleted huge portions of my gallery and cleansed it of the "weeaboo" crap as best I could, there should be some things I can salvage, and I haven't completely bombed my entire gallery of course, it's still there,the multitude of art, just not as big as it used to be. But whatever, let's try and start from the beginning here ok?

I joined deviantART April 1st 2007 with a deep, burning love for all things Naruto, but mainly one of the more popular characters, "Hinata Hyuuga".
I had just gotten into the whole Anime scene you see, a close friend of mine had opened up the doors when he taught me how to pronounce the word "Anime" as "ann-e-may" and not "a-nime". I was pretty into it before joining deviantART yes, but signing up for an account here just skyrocketed my obsession to new, embarrassing, heights.
But where were we? Oh yes, Hinata. At the time, all I wanted to draw was Anime. Anime, Anime, Anime. I used my skills from a cartooning class I was attending to springboard into this new drawing phase. The best I could do was copying other artwork,screenshots or manga panels with my greylead, and I thought I was pretty good at it.
A fairly recent example of this can be seen here:
Nodoka headshot by Entou
I printed out various pictures of anime characters by the bucketload. And I mean bucketload. I probably destroyed an entire rainforest I used that much paper. What I did with these pictures was use them as reference (a practice I still use today, naturally), or just outright copy them onto even more paper. In a google search on that fateful day of April 1st, I found this one particular image of a chibi Hinata Hyuuga and instantly fell in love with it. "I HAVE TO PRINT THAT!" thought my prepubescent 11 year old mind. So I clicked it, and it took me the picture's deviation page, with the name of the artist and all the comments and favourites and what have you. I wanted this image so badly, so I made an account then and there. Just like that. And you might remember my old username? Yes, that name is:

HINATAISCUTE Or, hinataiscute, as it was displayed on the website here.

The funny thing is, I can't even show you this Hinata picture, because despite making an account solely for it, I never favourited the damn thing! Idiot! But yes, it was extremely important to my time spent here.

Because a huge chunk of my gallery has been deleted, I can't show you too much, but I can tell you my gallery was heavily saturated with Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Negima and Lucky Star amongst other things. I was enjoying myself though, I made some friends, who are all either deactivated now or just dead or something I suppose, and had my anime-introducing school chum with me too, who is now also gone. I was using xD too much, and my journals were all in lowercase with obnoxious grammatical errors about cringe-worthy subjects such as:

- My obsession with Naruto
- Happy Tree Friends (That I got really into for some reason...?)
- My mission to hunt down Plush toys of characters I adored
- Using the "l33t" language (JESUS F*CKING CHRIST)

Then I guess more older watchers of mine would remember that puberty kicked me in the face hard and suddenly I was a savage animal to put it bluntly. This greatly affected my art, and while I made it my mission to rid the world of everything I drew in that stage, you can still see how it influenced me later on:
Here, have a Shizuka. by EntouShading Picture Tiffania by Entou

Now I'll save you from the wordiness of the journal so far and try to explain myself with images more. I'd say about 2009 I was calming down a little bit, used very loosely mind you, but I started taking requests for people. By 2010 I was getting more normal. I was however smacked in the face with a sudden obsession with "Scott Pilgrim" and I'd say that has to be hands down one of the biggest influences on my art style to date. 
Random Kim n' Stacey by EntouYes I went there. by EntouStocking in thought... by EntouOC thingy by Entou
This is especially true when you look at my comic titled "C.o.L." or "Comics of Life", started in 2011 when I was doing work experience at the time. I loved and still do love these comics. They really did help in making particular difficult situations in my life more light-hearted, and I'd find myself thinking throughout the day how I could illustrate a particular situation in a humorous way. And thankfully, you people enjoyed them too!
You can see here how the style has developed over the years I've been drawing them with the very first comic and the latest one:
C.o.L. -Work Exp Day 1 by Entou    C.o.L. - Look at yours by Entou

Of course I have to address "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" because it was around this time in 2011 (June-ish) that I was sucked up into the show, accurately shown here:
C.o.L. -My Little Virus by Entou   C.o.L. -The End is Neigh by Entou   THE DREADED DISEASE OF EVIL by Entou 

Now not only would this show help me therapeutically (Because I have serious pessimism issues, evident in thousands of journals written on this account talking about how my art is rubbish and I give up), but it entered me into the world of digital art! This was all very, very exciting for me, but also extremely intimidating, and it still is to this day.
My very first digitally coloured piece was pony related:
The Royal Piggyback by Entou

From here on, digitally coloured pieces would become more common, among a gigantic flood of Pony art, which is still going strong to this day, I think! And sure, my digital skills are not fantastic, but we'll get there someday.
Fluttershy - Nightmare Night by EntouSeason 3 Countdown - DAY 2 by EntouMany Fond Returns by EntouDoot Doot it's Flugle horn time by EntouCompnesation by Entouhiss by EntouPony History by Entou

Not yet have I experienced something else that has affected me as greatly as Scott Pilgrim and My Little Pony in terms of my art, but that's not to say I haven't become involved in more things as time progressed. 
But as I've moved on into the present, my content has been varied greatly with traditional and digital pieces, which is something I never thought would happen, being so opposed to digital art for some reason back in my early days. 

I'm not exactly sure where to go to from here, but I've become a fan of series like Homestuck and Adventure Time, and also an avid viewer of Game Grumps among other things, so my art has just been a giant culmination of all these interests, and whatever characters pop up in your deviation stacks of mine is related to what I'm feeling into at the time.
do the windy thing john by Entou'Dem Red Eyes by Entousmiley face stuff by EntouSquigly by EntouCastle Crashing Consorts by EntouFP by EntouSkull by EntouSister Power by EntouEpic Yarn by EntouLittle bundle of power by Entou

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I am very big on fanart. I do draw original things, but I am pretty privy about all that stuff! It kind of embarrasses me showing off my original characters and things. :P
Being so big on fanart, I can't say that I can notice any distinct artistic style in my things. That's not to say there isn't one, and artists might not be able to tell they even have a style, but because the things I draw are so radically different to each other I can't see any consistency. One minute I'm drawing a colourful pony, and then I'm drawing a troll, so it's hard to say.

And yes, I stay very "safe". I notice that I don't branch out and try new things too often, like different colouring techniques or shading, or drawing different poses if I'm drawing people. You will notice a lot of portraits because I've been sticking to that formula for such a long time. Thankfully, school has opened a door to change, I just need to continue going down that path, because I know now that I can be different!
School art thing by Entou  Year 12 Artwork: untitled by Entou   Life Drawing by Entou
It's still really apparent to me though that I am pretty damn negative about my stuff. I get into these moods when all I want to do is destroy everything I've made, or just give up and never try again. But drawing means so much to me now, it's just impossible. I could never stop, and I never want to. I love it, but it really hits me hard with those mood swings.
Things like my infamous "BEST DRAW" show accurately how much I can hate myself at times:

this is my BEST DRAW by Entouthis is my 2nd BEST DRAW by EntouBEST DRAW anime by Entou
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. My extremely wordy and lengthy deviantART journey, the best my memory can conjure up anyway. Thanks if you spent your whole day reading this, and thanks if you didn't! I had fun writing it all regardless.

I hope I can improve in the future as I can continue to draw and all that nonsense, and while it's been quite a rollercoaster ride here on deviantART, it's been awesome, and has definitely been pretty influential for me, even if I'm not as involved as I once was, and don't have anywhere near the insane number of friends as I once did.

Here's to the future! :party:

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This is me...


I generally suck at art but I might get lucky and make something nice once in a blue moon.


Wanna Stamp by agra19fanART stamp by minas-stampsI Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehogEvrythng Will Be Okay Stmp+PLZ by Mirz123Undo Button by fear-the-brillianceColorful chiptunes stamp oWo by Chiptunes+Stamp to Support Stamps+ by nayruasukeiI Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12
MSPA Stamp by angelbloodvery much alive by ambiguousRainbowStamp: Nepeta by ShendijiroNepeta Pounce Stamp by imacrazytrekkie
Brony- stamp by BlizzyKai:thumb213852225:This is a Stamp? by Candy-SwirlScootaloo + Applebloom Stamp by Heart-Stamp
Naruto Shippuden by sketchedmonkeyHinata love - Stamp by Kaorulovkonan stamp by ivivistar
K-ON Stamp by KishiFishyKingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ameMisery Behave Stamp by Lunatic-NemesisVanellope von Schweetz stamp by SA948-StampsGame Grumps by qastlyStamp: Adventure Time by FlantsyFlanNonon Jakuzure by Blue-Souls


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